Three Tarts Bakeshop

Summer is fading and autumn light is beginning to filter through the days. Peaches and berries end — pears, apples, pumpkins begin. Our autumn tarts are made with a sweet dough pastry. The ingredients are butter, sugar, eggs and flour. The taste and texture are similar to a shortbread. Many of the tarts have a vanilla bean butter custard base. They are baked every morning and are available throughout the day. You can also call the shop to have one put aside. Our daily tarts are a 7" size which serve six slices. If the larger 11" tart, serving twelve, is your choice to reserve, then we often need two days advance notice.

Our Thanksgiving Menu lists all of the desserts that can be ordered for the week of Thanksgiving.

Please call the bakeshop by Tuesday October 2nd to place your order for holiday desserts. We have limited quantities of our 11" pies, our 11" tarts and of our 10" cakes that can be reserved for Thanksgiving.