Open for scheduled pick-ups
& same day walk-ups

Take-away pies, tarts & cakes! Freshly baked cookies, squares and buttertarts! We are making extra desserts for same day, walk-ups — first-come, first-served — Wednesday to Sunday, noon to 5pm.

Or email us to schedule a pick-up! Our Weekly Menu lists all of the desserts that can be ordered for a scheduled pick-up this Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Please see our instructions for how to order. We need two days notice.

Sheila made jam with the beautiful, local summertime peaches and raspberries! Peach Jam with Vanilla Bean as well as Raspberry Jam. Available at the door, by request.

We have a new cookie! A time honoured, classically delicious Butter Pecan cookie made with toasted pecans and Callebaut caramel chocolate. Because we think it is warm, welcoming and really good we have named our new treat the "HighJinx". All proceeds will be passed along to HighJinx.